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Safe Sitter® began because of a tragedy—the death of a toddler whose babysitter didn’t know how to rescue her when the toddler choked. Founder Patricia A. Keener, M.D. developed Safe Sitter® for young teens, the earliest babysitters and least aware of the profound responsibilities they take on when they babysit.

There is no safe amount of time to leave a child with a caregiver of any age who has not been trained in airway rescue and how to handle life threatening emergencies. Safe Sitter® is committed to increasing the number of young teens who can be safe babysitters. That includes caring for younger siblings. And young teens who learn how to be safe babysitters also learn how to safely and confidently stay home alone!


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Teens spend more time home alone than ever before and need to know how to be safe. Watch this video to learn how you can help!


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